Rules for granting ECTS

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How many points can I get ?

Dean’s Offices provide detailed information  about  amounts of awarded Ects points.

1. Students who started their studies before the  2012 Academic Year do not get 0,5 ECTS point for PE classes regardless of the place where they earned credit  – either at Warsaw University or any other.

2. Students who were registered for PE classes in 2012/2013 Academic Year get 0,5 ECTS pt for the PE course, regardless when they started studies.

3. Students who started their studies in the years 2012/2013 -2015/2016 get 0,5 ECTS pt for PE classes if  their curriculum says so.

4. Students who started studies in 2016 year, will get 1 ECTS pt if  their curriculum says so.

No points for medical exemption

Students  with medical exemption from PE  ARE NOT  AWARDED  ECTS points, regardless  when they started their studies.

ECTS complementary course

Only the students whose medical exemption certificates have been approved by SWFiS and for whom a decision on medical exemption from physical education has been registered in the USOS system are eligible for enrolment. SWFiS offers 2 kinds of supplementary on-line courses which:

  • are intended for students who started studying before 2016 (2012-2015)  and allow them to earn the missing 0.5 ECTS point.
  • are intended for  students who start studying in 2016 /2017  and  later and allow to earn the missing 1.0 ECTS point.